Good Luck to Robert Mix

I believe in gold and silver as money.  I worry about where our debt-based system is headed.  I support the idea of buying an ounce or two of either metal in an effort to protect yourself from an uncertain future.  So I am naturally inclined to like this idea from Robert Mix's blog.
"I am going to start researching what it would take for me to get delivery of a COMEX 100 oz gold bar via the futures process (via a commodity broker). I would be starting at "Ground Zero" (knowing almost nothing), so this will take some time for me to set up.
I will only do this if I get a lot of "moral support" (comments at ZH do not count -- too easy), these would be by email or better by comment at my blog. I can do this with my own money, although it would require substantial shuffling around of assets (including selling some of my physical gold now). I do not ask or want anyone else's money! Only your encouragement as well as suggestions and recommendations (a cooperative commodity broker for example)."
Sometimes though, our natural inclinations can lead us astray.  As I commented on Mix' blog:
"I support the idea of trading fiat for a hundred oz of gold. I would NOT trade physical gold. If the "music stops" while this is in progress, you're left holding what???"
In short, this experiment is just too risky for my blood.  I wish Mr. Mix the very best, and for that reason a part of me hopes he will change his mind about this move.

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