My Favorite Silver Bullion Coins

I like the 1 oz. American Eagles and the Canadian Maple Leafs.  And to be perfectly honest, I'm a sucker for the 1878-1904 Morgan Silver Dollars.  I only have a handful, as they sell at too much of a premium to spot price, but they are a good looking coin.

Actually, you can find my favorite silver bullion coins in the "junk silver" aisle.

Junk silver is all U.S. coins that fall into one of the following categories:
  • 90% silver-dimes, quarters, or half dollars minted in 1964 0r earlier

  • 40% silver-half dollars minted 1965-69 (My VERY favorite)

  • 35% silver war time nickels minted 1942-45
 The 90% coins typically sell at a premium to their spot silver content.  The 40% coins often sell at closer to the spot silver price, and the 35% nickels sometimes sell at or below spot silver price.

To keep your seller honest you'll want to know how to calculate the silver content in junk silver.

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