My Favorite Gold Bullion Bars

There is incredible variety available in gold bars ranging from 1 gram up to 400 oz. (and beyond, I'm sure).  I don't own a single one.

If I did, I can't imagine having one over 1 kilo.  That's over 32 oz., so you can ballpark how much it sells for.  I just don't see me with that tied up in one bar.

 The single gram also is not for me.  It is selling tonight for almost $49.  For that price I can buy a roll of 40% silver Kennedy half dollars for less than spot price, and the Kennedy half dollars are easily divisible and widely recognizable.

 Probably the only size bar I'd ever want is a 10 oz.  Johnson Matthey has one that is .9999 fine, and is currently selling for about $20 per oz. over spot price.

 If I ever buy a gold bar, this will likely be the one I choose.  It’s sort of a goldilocks size.  Small enough that I don’t have to sell the house to buy it, but large enough that the premium over spot price seems reasonable.

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