Gold: Sell, Hold, or Double Down?

I'll be brief.  Recent market moves, headlines, and commentary have been unsettling to (say the very least)
for investors in precious metals.  But if we can get beyond "What's happening?" and consider "Why is it happening?" the situation can be viewed much differently.  In a recent post, Gordon Gekko dissected the "Why" issue with incredible detail, and basically threw in the "Who" as a bonus.

Spoiler alert!  The title of his post is "Buy PHYSICAL Gold. NOW: The Discount of a Lifetime: Or Why You Must Abandon the Fake Paper Gold Market
"If someone is selling anything, the rational thing to do would be to get the best price possible, right? Would you get the best price if you sell your lot in one go flooding the market? Would you want to overwhelm all the bids and crush the price? Yes, but only if exactly that was your objective – to crush the price. Nobody sells 400 tons (!) of gold in one go if they are trying to get the best possible price. So this wasn’t a case of varied market participants selling their gold holdings having considered the fundamentals for Gold and arrived at the conclusion their long position didn’t make sense anymore. This was a case of concerted selling by one single entity whose sole intention was to drive down the price. Not only that, nobody sells $20 BILLION worth of Gold in ONE GO without some sort of state/CB backing."
So how is the situation different?  Gold is on sale!  Get some now, or right after you finish Gordon's post.

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