Gold Coins vs. Gold Bars

The discussion of gold coins vs. gold bars is similar to the discussion of gold vs. silver.  It has to do with how you plan to use your investment, and how you might one day have to use it.

For the wealthy investor who plans to invest millions, gold bars will likely form the bulk of their investment.  For a smaller investor, silver coins, gold coins, and a few silver bars might be best.

Keep in mind that, like most things in life, those with the most money get the best deal.  For instance, if you purchase 1 oz. silver coin today, you might pay as little as $2.49 over the spot price.  Purchase a 100 oz. silver bar, and you could pay as little as 49 cents over the spot price.  You could buy a 100 oz. gold bar on the same site (APMEX) for just $8.95 (per ounce) over spot.

I know that last one sounds like more, but that’s because gold is so much more expensive.  In percentage terms, the silver coin premium is almost 14%, the silver bar premium is 2.7%, and the gold bar premium is less than 1%.

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