Gold Prices: Grant Williams Points to the Web

Financial news bombards us daily.  Far too often it takes the form of a talking head explaining the
recent (as past 2, 5, or 12 hours) movement up (or down) in stocks, bonds, commodities, etc.  And despite the gravity given to their explanations, it's most often meaningless in the long term.  I suppose that's the cost of a 24/7 news cycle.  Someone has to say something--constantly.

Where's the Gold?
Source: Bloomberg
That's one reason I refuse to follow the news in real time.  I certainly don't read articles predicting what Ben Bernanke will say, did say, didn't say, or explaining what any of that might mean.  Life is too short.

One collection of news items I do look forward to is collected, edited, and emailed out weekly by Grant Williams of Maudlin Economics.  It's his "Things That Make You Go Hmmm..."

It's a collection of stories that he finds interesting.  Frankly, in a typical issue, a few are over my head or not in my area of interest, but I always find a few I'm really glad to have seen.

Often the most interesting part is the introduction by Grant Williams.  This was never more true for me than with his July 15th issue, titled, "What If?"  In it, he stitches together a number of recent events related to the gold market.  In capsule form, they are as follows (It's a picture, so please imagine quotes):

If you have any interest in the gold market, I STRONGLY suggest you check out the full story on the Maudlin Economics web site.  Mr. Williams ties together a broad array of recent events, which often seem contradictory, and makes sense of them.  Better still, he just a good storyteller.

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