Gold in Motion: What Does it Mean?

It's been some time since Venezuela shipped its gold home.  Much more recently (and surprisingly) Germany set in motion plans to do the same--and was told it would take seven years!  More incredibly, the state of Texas wants their gold on Texas soil.

Now it appears that countries and states are perhaps not the only ones who want their gold "closer to home"  Check out this from Bull Market Thinking.
"A stunning piece of information was brought to my attention yesterday. Amid all the mainstream talk of the end of the gold bull market (and the end of the gold mining industry), something has been discretely happening behind the scenes.
Over the last 90 days without any announcement, stocks of gold held at Comex warehouses plunged by the largest figure ever on record during a single quarter since eligible record keeping began in 2001 (roughly the beginning of the bull market). See chart below."
"Bottom line: While mainstream voices question whether or not gold is still in a bull market, smart money appears to be questioning something else. They appear to be asking themselves, “Do we want to continue storing our physical metal within the Comex system? How can we best whisk it away from fraud, theft, or bankruptcy (including our own)?”
I can't tell you what this means, but it does raise a question.  Is that gold you own, and store elsewhere, or that gold or silver ETF, ETN etc., really as safe as you want it to be?

To paraphrase the Dos Equis man, "Stay careful my friends."

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