Eric Sprott on the "Recovery" and Gold!

In a few paragraphs, Eric Sprott fillets the notion of a recovery.  U.S. housing?  No.  U.S. employment?  No.  European solvency?  Not even close.

Then he goes on to detail the incredible rising demand for physical gold (Am I the only one that feels silly needing to say 'physical' in connection to gold?) in the rest of the world.  Odd then, that gold prices seem to be an "immovable object" lately.  As I read Sprott, we may soon see an "irresistible force."
"We have written at length about the disconnect between the paper gold price and the physical gold market. If the demand changes stated above applied to any other market, the investing public would lose their minds. "
And when they lose their minds, gold can be expected to go parabolic.  THAT is when we reach bubble territory, and when it's time to consider liquidating your precious metals and converting them to. . .

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