Can you count on your gold?

King World News has released an interview with Andrew Maguire, an independent metals trader turned whistleblower.  Maguire claims that J.P. Morgan has manipulated the silver (and gold) market on an ongoing basis for their own advantage.  If this is true, it makes me wonder how high an unmanipulated market might go, and if the market will ever break free?

Is this interview credible?  I have my own opinion.  What do you think?  Need further evidence?  Check out the emails from Maguire to the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission.  Or for a much broader look at the topic, check out the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee site.

All of this would seem to suggest that there may be a great deal less silver and gold out there than we believe.  It makes me feel more certain than ever that the gold you are counting on should be physical gold that you control.

Please be sure to note the HUGE implications for the dollar, as well as many other fiat currencies, which are described about half way through the interview.

 This interview is a bit longer than many you'll come across, but worth every second!


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